What's Mindful Eating?

mindful eating, mindfulness, workplace wellness

When I was at high school, a friend used to close her eyes each time she took a bite of her sandwich.

She seems to be enjoying her food a lot more than the rest of us, that just shoved it down mindlessly.

Little did I know that this was my first memory of someone 'mindfully eating'.

We've all done it, I'm not perfect either, stuffing the food down while we are checking Insta or driving, then we wonder where all the food's gone and how come we've eaten so much, then we're surprised the jeans are tighter!

But Mindful Eating isn't all about diets and maintaining weight, although it helps a lot.

It's more about bringing all of your awareness to your food and becoming more in the present moment. Enjoying the taste, the smell, the texture. Wondering who made it, how it got to the shops, being grateful for those people and their families.

Mindful Eating creates a joy and satisfaction when eating.

Here are some more benefits:

  • not over- eating. Our body and mind have a chance to tell you you're full.

  • not eating when you're not hungry - maybe you're thirsty, or bored?

  • helps reducing binge eating

  • you enjoy your food more

  • eating slower helps your digestive system and allows the food to process better

So how do you start mindful eating?

mindful eating, mindfulness, workplace wellness

Just like everything else my friend, one step at a time.

Maybe just start with a cup of tea/coffee? Then move onto a small meal, then bigger ones.

Mindful eating is one of the cards in the Stress Less at your Desk card set, having them sit on your desk is a quick, great reminder to be more in the present moment and enjoy it.

To get your pack of Stress Less at your Desk cards, head over to www.breatheandbemindful.com/shop

#cards #deskcards #mindfuleating #mindfulness #workplacewellness

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