If you’re looking for a simple way to relax at work, this is it.

It’s a common fact that we get stressed at work, and because we spend most of our lives there, let’s try to make it more of a pleasant place.

Here is one technique from the Stress Less at your desk Card pack that will help you manage your stress.

In a moment, I’m going to explain how to do this very easy self-hand massage, but let me tell you first why it’s a good thing to do:

• Just like your shoulders and back, the muscles in your hands need relaxing too; we use them more than we think!

• Decrease pain

• Improve circulation

• As you see in the picture below, there are pressure points in our hands that lead directly to different parts of our bodies, giving these parts some loving will help stimulate healing in the other parts.

• Can relieve headaches, shoulder and back pain

• Reduce pressure in the neck

• Open sinuses.

OK, so let’s get down to doing it! Remember to remove your jewellery and moisturise your hands so that your fingers can move easily over the skin.

1. Flex and stretch both hands out wide, then make a fist, shake them out. Bend your wrists with your hands points down, and then flex your hand up and down several times.

2. Pinch the tips of each finger and thumb on both hands for a few seconds. After pinching the tops and bottoms of your finger and thumb tips, go back to each tip and pinch them again, this time squeezing from side to side. Do both hands

3. Hold one hand out with the palm facing upwards. Starting at the wrist crease, gently pinch the skin on the sides of your hand moving towards the little finger, then continue along the part where your fingers and hands meet, till you get to the other side of the hand. Do both hands.

4. Starting again as above, use your thumb to press and slide from the base of the hand to each finger and thumb. Do both hands.

5. Hold the tip of a finger and rotate it in circles a few times each way. Do each finger and thumb.

6. Go to the space between the thumb and the index finger, not the webbing, but the muscle. Give this place a really good squeeze and knead.

7. Now move down to the webbed area. Apply pressure to the webbed area. Use your thumb and index finger to make small, circular motions. You can also press into this area if it feels OK.

8. Now keep a firm hold and tug at the skin gently until the fleshy web snaps away from your grasp. Repeat this process on the skin between all of your fingers.

9. Give both wrists a massage using circular motions, then,

10. Shake it out baby!

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Remember to drink PLENTY of water afterwards, as you may have released unwanted toxins into your body and you want to flush those bad guys out.

Now that you’ve given yourself a delicious hand massage, you may like to see how to release your back pain or manage your stress in the workplace.

Proven Fact:

• Over $300 Billion a year is spent on stress-related health care costs, according to

Eastern Kentucky University’s online Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety program.

• 77% of people in offices across the country are regularly experiencing physical malfunctions caused by stress. American Psychological Association.

• 73% are dealing with psychological issues that are caused by stress. TNS Social Research

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Did you enjoy your hand massage?

Why not pop a comment below and tell me!

Take care,


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