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February 18, 2019

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15 Products you absolutely NEED at work - including fart neutralisers (maybe...)

February 20, 2019

50% of your total waking hours during any given work day is spent at your job - 90 120 hours over a lifetime. (https://revisesociology.com/2016/08/16/percentage-life-work/) 


That's ALOT!


Let's make it more fun for you!


I've researched and made it easy for you by adding the links next to the picture. I hope you enjoy this blog.


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1. Who doesn't like great stationary? Colourful pens? These look perfect for your next memo or doodle on your note pad. 

















2. Yoga pants to work? YES!!! Pop on some gorgeous shoes, a stunning tunic, no-one will know!



















3. Seriously cute socks! Dog socks, cat socks, pug socks. Even if your uniform is boring, they can't tell you what socks to wear? Can they?

















4. Disposable Gas Neutraliser... I don't think there was a thing until I started researching this blog, but there you go. I popped this here for a bit of a laugh, I'm sure we can all think of a colleague that may need this in their next secret Santa! I don't actually recommend getting this, unless it's for a well meaning joke, the reviews aren't awesome. Check it out though, it's quite funny :) 

















5. I think there won't be ONE person that doesn't pass your desk and give this a punch!

















6. Pretend it's for the kids, then whip one out of your bag when someone gives you the shiits and squeeze the carp out of it!

















7. I dare you to go into your next meeting in this voice changer helmet and film it!





















8. I just HAD to put this cute guy in - who doesn't need a 3 toed sloth on their desk to remind them they can chill sometimes??
















9. Here's your next level up fidget spinner - the adults' version. A Navir Space Wonder Gyroscope :)