Getting Clear on Your Goals

If there’s one thing that can keep you on the roundabout of life, is lack of clarity.

You know you want to be less stressed and happier, but you don’t know how to change things.

You know you want to quit your soul-sucking day job in favour of the freedom of self-employment, but you aren’t clear on the steps to take.

You want to take a holiday, but you aren’t sure where to go—or how to make it happen.

You want to grow your business but aren’t even sure what that means.

The truth is, with ambiguous “goals” like these, in five or ten years, you’ll still be stuck right where you are today.

But with a little clarity, you can achieve any goal you can imagine—and even some you haven't dreamed of yet. The first step is to visualise what you want.

How Vision Boards Work

A vision board is a planning tool that allows you to unleash your creativity and daydream in a physical format.

By collecting images that represent your biggest goals and keeping them within sight, you’ll be able to focus better on the next steps to take to reach them.

Not only that, but vision boards can keep you inspired when boredom strikes (as it inevitably will) and remind you of why you’re working so hard—when all you want to do is take a nap.

How to Make a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is easy—and fun!

You can create yours with paper and other art materials, or digitally using one of the many online apps, Pinterest, or even Microsoft OneNote or Evernote.

While digital boards are more portable, physical boards are often more inspiring. There’s just something about engaging all your senses which makes a real vision board more effective. I have both, I have also set my screen savers on my computer and my phone, to represent my goals.

To create your board, start by collecting images that represent your biggest goals and dreams. Photos from a favourite family holiday, ads for an expensive dress you want to buy, a ticket for a show you want to see, or even a dollar figure representing your desired bank account balance are all good ways to visualise your goals. Add them to your new vision board.

Next, be sure to include phrases and quotes that inspire you and keep you going when things get tough. Sometimes a few words of wisdom from someone you admire is all it takes to get you back on track after a rough spot.

Finally, remember this: Your vision board is a living document. Your dreams and goals will change. Some you will achieve and remove from your board to make room for bigger and better dreams. Some you will decide don’t matter so much anymore, and you’ll trade them for others.

Here's mine.

vision board, amazon, builderall

It’s your vision, and it’s completely up to you what dreams you choose to follow—just be sure that you do follow them.

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