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How To Set Up Your Home-Based Business on Facebook.

November 5, 2017



So you have decided that you are sick of working for somebody else, you want to spend more time at home with your family, and you know lots of people who have using been social media to build their businesses, including me. 


But you haven't got the first idea of how to start.


That's okay, I’ve been there too.

I wasn’t born knowing how to set up a Facebook page, automate my posts, so I’m not on the computer all the time, make websites cheaply, or make money online. 


I've been building businesses online for myself, and other people for over ten years now.

Some of my businesses have failed miserably, and some have done very well.


I've been able to be at my kid's assemblies, musical and sporting events, I've been able to stay at home with them when they have been unwell, without having to ask my boss for time off or use ‘sick’ days. 


When I first started, I found it really hard to find all the information I needed in one spot, and after researching for this blog, I found that it still doesn't exist.


I've put together the basics that you will have to do to start your home-based online business. 


Please take some time in the planning, because it's like the foundation of the house, you don't want to be going back and fixing it once you have built your house, and you don't want to have any cracks in your foundations.


Most people get very excited when they first start thinking about their business, and often the business name is one of the most exciting parts of it, and don't get me wrong this really is one the highlights of owning your own business. 


But before you get too stuck on a name, it's important is that you check the Australian business registry to see if somebody else has that name.

I also encourage you to check to see whether you can use this name in your websites, your emails and on social media.

Think about whether the name will grow with you and your business. 


Don't worry I'm going to help you through this.

A lot of people think they're ABN is their business name, but it's actually the Australian Business Number, ABN.

It's really easy to apply for an ABN, here's the link:


Australian Business Number


Next, you want to check to see if the name of your business is taken.


This is where you can have a look at the list of business names in Australia and you can register your business name: 

 Register your Business Name


But before you do this you might like to Google and check to see whether anybody else has a website with the name you want, because you really want all of your names to match.


There are a few different companies that you can go to register your Domain name. (Which is the name of the address of your website.) 

Here are a few different companies, please note, that I have no affiliation with any of these companies and I don't choose one over the other. 









NOTE: If you want me to help you set up a website, we can buy a domain name through them, and connect an email so they all match.




If you don't want to go through registering an ABN, Business name, or you don't want a website, and you only want to use your name on social media, you don't actually have to go through with any of the above.


If you don't do any of the above, you will be using your business as a hobby or a place where people can get information. 

If you intend to use your business as income, now or later down the track, I recommend going through the above process, so that when you start earning millions, the tax department loves you.


He's a little bit more information about the steps on starting up your home business legally.


Start up steps


And here's some more information from the Australian tax department about any deductions that you might like to claim on your home business.


Home Based Business


So now let's gets into setting up your Facebook Page.


Why do you want to want to be on social media? 

One really good reason. 

There are 19 billion users on social media. 

That's a lot of potential customers that you may have.



When you're setting up your business Facebook page, please spend just a few minutes researching, because you want to make sure that your Facebook page matches your business name. 

If somebody else has already taken your business name on Facebook, it's okay; you can have the same name as somebody else, but it really is best to try to find one that is just yours.


If you're working for another company and you're promoting them as your business, e.g. InnerOrigin, DoTerra etc, you can't use their name as your Facebook name. 

Why not?

Well, it's already there's :) 

If you contact your company that will let you know their social media policy.


This is also true for any of the pictures and the logos that the company may use.

All you need to do, is quickly send a message and ask them kindly what the policy is before you waste your precious time in creating something that you'll have to delete later.


In order to set up a business Facebook page, you have to have your own personal page first, and then you can go into here https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/ which will bring you to a page that looks like this:





Please don't get stuck on this page as a lot of people seem to.

If you're starting up a home business you're probably going to be talking about products or services, so you might like just to choose 'Brand or Products', and then you'll find the drop-down menu, and you can choose Website or health, whatever fits your business.