4 Ways to Move on a Working Day + a free Chair Yoga Chart.

Chair yoga, office yoga

1. Stretch at Your Desk.

It only takes a few moments, and the benefits are great. Having a stretch at your desk will allow to blood to flow better through your system, increasing the flow to your brain, therefore allowing you to think clearer. Here's a free chair yoga chart to print off. (I'm a 500 hour trained yoga/meditation/mindfulness teacher with 12 years experience and I have designed this chart myself, so it's safe. Please work at your own level and don't do anything that hurts or pinches.) https://www.breatheandbemindful.com

2. Take your desk up a level.

Standing desks are easy to find now and have come down in price a lot. Perhaps ask your boss to use the Healthier Work Place WA $1000 grants to help fund a change of desk for the staff?

Or you can do what I do if you work from home, move your laptop to the bench now and then and do some squats while you're working.

3. How long does it take for you to eat your lunch?

Let's make the most of your lunch break. Maybe take your lunch outside and walk to a park and eat there. You'll be getting the fresh air you need and the exercise, winning!

4. How do you get to work?

Is it sitting on a train, bus, in a car? Then you sit when you're at work and on your lunch break. Then you come back home on the train/bus/car. Then you sit and eat dinner and sit and watch some telly? Can you see a theme here?

Let's look at each one.

Maybe walk to the next bus stop, or use the stairs at the train station, not the escalator. Perhaps park the car away from work and walk a little further?

Sitting at work and lunch breaks - hopefully, I've given you some ideas above?

I wonder if you could catch a yoga class or whatever class you want, on your way home from work? Even catching up with a friend and going for a brisk stroll? I find setting times with friends a great incentive to get going.

If you are a person that likes to get home and stay there, instead of going out to a class, just check the huge amount of classes you can get on YouTube. There are so many! I've been doing a variety of yoga ones, and even dance ones lately.

Do you have any other tips?

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