3 Ways to Plan Your Week.

The amount of time it takes to plan your week, can save you hours of wasted time later, and a lot less stress.

I have compiled a list of the best articles on how to plan your week and a little gift I popped together for you to print out, you’re welcome x

Three simple ways to organise your life this week

picture of a desk
The difference these simple steps can make will surprise you. See more here:

A Professional Organiser Reveals What You Should Do for a Stress-Free Week

Do you remember the Tasmanian Devil? I reckon a lot of us feel a bit like Taz, whirring our way through the week. At points, life can sometimes feel quite overwhelming—what with juggling work, household chores, life admin and a social life, not to mention the added responsibility of children (if you have them). Come the weekend, all you want to do is chill out rather than spend the whole day on your hands and knees cleaning the house or sifting through paperwork. So we called on a professional organiser (yes, there is such a person) to reveal what you should do last on Friday and over the weekend to ensure you have a stress-free workweek come Monday. As we know, stress can affect everything from your sleep to weight gain around the middle, so a more organised approach to your day-to-day life can have a positive effect on other areas.

See more here:


Working Mums Round-up: Organising your working week

Keeping little people alive, catering to numerous fussy palates, whipping round with the hoover, staying on top of the laundry pile, seeing that homework is done, cuddles, cajoling and playing peace maker. And that’s before you’ve even thought about working, building your own career up, washing your hair and possibly, just maybe making some space for your other half if you have one. It’s exhausting isn’t it? See more here: http://www.britmums.com/2017/04/working-mums-round-up-organising-your-working-week/

And here's your planner as promised, and the link to where you can get your weekly, or daily, Mantra. https://www.breatheandbemindful.com/product-page/morning-mantra

Right click, or double click on the picture and save or download it.

Print it, or write on it on your computer.

If you have a laminator, an idea could be to print one, laminate it and re-use it.

You're welcome to share this post and gift your friends this planner too :)

Chat soon,


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