Start your day off right.

Morning Mantra Card Deck picture

How you start your day can make it or break it.

Do you wake up and start worrying about what you're going to do?

Make lists in your head?

Do you speak to yourself negatively or positively?

There has been an incredible about of study done on;

1) how your thoughts affect your mood, emotions and physical body, and

2) how starting your morning with a positive routine can change your whole day.

Can I suggest another way?

Set the alarm for 10 minutes earlier - it's not too much :)

Take time to do a body scan - starting with your toes and finishing with your head, relax each part as you go.

Take three deep, lovely breaths.

Reach over to your bedside table and choose a card from your Morning Mantra card deck.

You will automatically pick one that you will need for the day.

Sit quietly for a few moments, saying the mantra over in your head.

If your thoughts start to creep in, gently ask your mind to keep repeating the Mantra.

Doing a morning mantra practice will set you up for a relaxed and pleasant day. You will have more patience, you'll notice nice things, and you will feel better in yourself.

Mantra |ˈmantrə|


a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.


11-28 business days : production/processing time 2-3 business days + shipping time 9-25 business days.

* You may expect a longer delivery time of additional 3-5 days on top of the normal transit time for remote areas.


This is a pack of 18 cards, each has a different Mantra on them. They come shrink wrapped.

Check out the 'shop' section of the website, or click here:

I hope you have a wonderful morning,

Victoria x

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