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A growing body of evidence suggests that meditation could be beneficial to teens and tweens, helping them navigate their way through the anxiety of exams.


Here are a few research:

  • Studies show that students who meditate before an exam perform better than students who do not
  • Mindfulness practice can improve concentration
  • Mindfulness-based interventions have been demonstrated to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression 

There are three structures of the brain: the brainstem (our “reptilian” brain, responsible for breathing, heart-rate, etc.), the limbic system/amygdala (our “mammalian” brain, involved in emotion and memory) and the cortex (our “human” brain, responsible for thinking and self-regulation).


The amygdala is very close to the pre-frontal cortex, and mindfulness and meditation can help the thinking part of the brain process the raw emotion of the limbic system. And that can lead to better decision-making — it allows a mindful pause, a skillful response instead of an unthinking reaction.


Meditation has been shown to increase gray matter in the portion of the brain responsible for self-awareness and compassion. Mindfulness can play a role in the neuroplasticity of the brain — our experiences can actually transform our brains, the way exercise can transform our bodies.


This meditation can be used in conjunction with the card deck for anxious teenagers.


Teenage meditation for exams