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It's here!

Your ultimate guide to selling your products on Instagram.

I've searched, curated, tweaked and laid it all out in a simple, easy, step-by-step guide for you.


I have done my best to make it the most up to date information.


To save you time and money, I have given you the knowledge that I have spend hours and hours learning and hundreds of $$.


Here's what you get:


Chapter 1.

Hashtags, handles, lives, stories, boomerangs…


How to set up your bio


Chapter 2. 

Pretty pages.


You will get all of the information you need here and more, including these key steps and 'how to's':


  • Your Instagram Look & Feel 
  • Keep things consistent 
  • Use other people’s content 
  • Make your posts pop! 


How to connect your product catalogue with your Instagram business profile.


Chapter 3.

Instagram Stories


What are they and how to make them work for your business. 


Chapter 4

Live and Alive!


Videoing can be scary for some people. I have given you an in-depth look into videoing, and have included a ‘what to live about’ ideas list for you.


There's also a BONUS!

A checklist to prepare yourself for going live.

Everything you need for before, during and after the Live. 


Chapter 5.

Insta Influencer.


Do you need an Influencer and what to do about it.


Chapter 6. 

Instagram Daily


This chapter will help keep you sane and not overwhelmed. 


Chapter 7.

Tell them what to do!


We can't feed our families on 'Likes'.

This is probably the most important chapter for a business owner.

I give you LOADS of ideas on how to move your followers into customers. 



60 Instagram ideas for people that want to sell products.


I hope you get a lot of inspiration from this ebook and your business grows and grows. 


Take care,


Stress Less & Sell on Instagram. A Step-by-step guide.