We all understand the feeling of anxiety. The sweaty palms, the racing heart beat, the tight chest. In this card pack there are 36 EASY, scientifically proven techniques for you to try.


They are Australian made and brand new.


Each card has either a breathing technique to help calm you, a meditation to download, a mindfulness tip to bring you into the present moment and relax or an idea to help you manage your stress.


When you are sitting at your desk, or on the bus, you can pull a card and do the technique.

They are all designed to be simple and to done in public, without making you look weird!

You can even download a mindful colouring book to create a sense of peace while you’re talking to a difficult customer on the phone.


This is a great gift to give to a friend who is stressed at work.

We spend so many hours at work and it can be so stressful going to work each day and hating it. Give this to them and they will be so grateful. They can use it anytime and it’s discrete, so they can just keep it on their desk as a desk accessory and it looks good.


This is what people are saying about the meditations:

‘helped me in a fit of anxiety. Great meditation’. Jeremy.


‘Absolutely incredible. Your voice is so relaxing! I was very sad when it ended, definitely recommend’ Catherine.


‘Amazing! Did this on my way to work (on the bus), helped me calm down before my first day back at work after Christmas.’ India-Rose.


‘Stopped my wife’s anxiety attack perfectly. Thank you very much for this.’ Raye


In addition to the cards, you get to download the meditations, relaxing music and a chair yoga chart.


This is great to remind yourself you have a stretch and release your tight muscles.


These cards are perfect for stressed teenagers too.


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Stress Less at your Desk. For Adults & Teenagers