Progressive muscle relaxation is practice that has been given for many years to help reduce their long-term effects of stress and anxiety. Is a fabulous way of releasing the daily tension and is relaxing into sleep.

The suggested practice is 10 minutes each day, the benefits of this relaxation will be felt for a lot longer after meditation has finished.


The progressive muscle relaxation involves  tensing and then releasing all of the different muscles in the body. This not only reduces the tightness in the body and allows you to identify the areas of your body that's hold the tension, so that you can bring more attention to these parts of your body at another time.

This meditation is very beneficial for people that suffer from stress, insomnia, and anxiety.


This relaxation is best practice in a quiet space and sitting in a comfortable position. If you're using this meditation to sleep, you would obviously be doing this in bed.


What's fabulous about this meditation, is that you can do it anywhere. You could be sitting in car waiting to pick up the kids from school, you could be sitting on a train or a bus, you could be lying in bed or even in the bath.


This is a great meditation for adults and children.


The following meditation will take you through different parts of your body and ask you to tense and release these parts of your body.






Progressive Muscle Relaxation