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Are you sick of going to workshops and it all going over your head?

Or are you a person that doesn't like crowds?

Do you have a VERY specific product and want ideas on how to market it well?


I've got an idea for you.

Let's have a chat together and make up a GREAT plan; I'll show you how to put it all together, and let's watch your business grow and thrive. 


This one on one package is 4 hours of my undivided time. 

You could be living in the Busselton region, and I'll come and visit your work.

Or you may be anywhere in the world, and we could have a lovely conversation via Zoom (then I can record it and send to you), then we set some goals and make it social media work for you.


My aim is for you NOT to need me. That sounds a bit weird hey?

But I want to make sure, that if anything happens to me, your business keeps running smoothly.


I'm happy to work with you for as long as it's in the best interests of us both, but ideally, I'd like you to take the reins with confidence. 


Now, I'm already working with people weekly, so I won't be able to take too many people on and be able to do a good job with everyone, so I'm limiting the people I help. 


So I'll put a cap on the people that can buy the service here, and when it runs out, I'll stop it, and start it again when I can honestly say I can help more people with all of my energy and integrity. 


Does that sound like something that suits you and your business?


If you have any questions, please email me at breatheandbemindful@mail.com, or book in and pay for a session, I'll see that you have purchased it and I'll get in touch with you.


Obviously, people that buy the sessions first get first preference. 


I look forward to seeing your business bloom and see you less stressed.


Once purchased, you will automatically get a download of my Stress Less and Sell on Instagram step by step guide. 


One on one support with selling your products on social media.