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♻️ Eco-Friendly Reusable Bottle

🥰 2 in 1 Durable Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Snack Container

🔥 Keeps Liquids Hot 🥶 or Cold

👌🏻 Bevelled Sides So It's Easy To Hold

💦 Flip Top Spout Lid for Ease of Drinking

🍓 Keep your snacks and 💧 water handy and together

We all know we need to eat healthy snacks and drink more water, well now you can remember to do both with this easy 2 in 1 water bottle and snack container combo.

You're friends are all going to ask where you got such a clever product, it's a brand new product launched in Australia, you won't see them in the shops yet. Be one of the first to own your very own #justaddsnacks


You know your family are going to want one too.

That's why we have a special on when you buy more than 1, you'll be able to choose from 1, 2 or 4 at the checkout. 

We know you'll love your #justaddsnacks, but we understand sometimes others aren't as passionate about it as we are. This is why we offer you a 100% money back guarantee. Just email us and we will get in touch with you for a full refund. 

Did you know that for the first time a study lead by the prestigious magazine Science, quantifies the plastic that ends up in the oceans; more than 8 million tons of plastic bottles in the sea each year and it is estimated that in the year 2050 there will be more plastic than fishes 🐠 in the sea. 

We want to personally thank you for using #justaddsnacks to combat single use of water bottles AND single use plastic snack bags.


"Staying hydrated is crucial for your health and wellbeing — and drinking enough water is slightly easier when you have a water bottle on hand."

"It is comfortable to hold, not too big / not too small. Fits in any water bottle carrier."

"The narrow mouth bottle is awesome for drinking water on the go and prevents spilling on yourself, especially while walking, driving, or exercising."

"I loved the beveled sides of the cup, many of the bottles I own, they’re too wide to grab and slip out of my hand."

"The bottom has a black piece of rubber, which is nice also, prevents it from sliding around or banging on the table when it’s set down."

Just Add Snacks Stainless Steel Bottle + Snack Container


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