Anxious thoughts can be debilitating. They can ruin your sleep, make you snappy at your kids and make work situations hard.

We all have anxious thoughts from time to time, but some of them are harder to release than others.

I know, I’ve been an anxious person all of my life.

I get through stressful situations with the tools I have been taught and the practices I do. 

Once we start to be able to distance ourselves from our thoughts, we have given ourselves a great gift. 

We can release our physical bodies from the tightness of the muscles, the cramping in the belly, the shortness of the breath and the feeling of having a heart attack ( well, that's how it feels for me, I’m not sure if you're the same?)

We can also release of minds from the insanity of useless, repetitive thoughts. Thoughts that destroy our confidence and respect for ourselves.  

We do not need to fight these thoughts; they are not worth our time and energy. 

We can see them for what they are, acknowledge them, and distance ourselves, moving on towards peacefulness and happiness. 

I hope this meditation brings you relief.


Please note: I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice.

Anxiety Release Meditation