The Carry Calm.

🌀 Fidget Tool Bundle - It fits perfectly in your hand and allows you to calm your emotions. It looks like a guitar pick, so if you are feeling conscious about using a plastic fidget toy to calm your anxiety - this is what you need. 

🌀 Top Quality Anti-Anxiety Tool for Teenagers and Adults - The 'Carry Calm' is made from soft sandalwood - known for supporting calm and clarity of mind. The natural materials of wood and leather are nontoxic and durable.

🌀 Stress and Anxiety Reducing - Relieve stress and anxiety by simply rubbing your thumb forwards and backwards over the velvety indent in the wood. Our 40 page ebook gives you the knowledge to understand what stress is and natural ways of dealing with it. It’s the perfect combination with your Carry Calm.

🌀 Discreet and portable - The Carry Calm is great to take to school, the classroom and office. Bring these during travel or at church. Keeps hands and minds busy for a long time. It comes with a carry case made of soft leather that has a keyring attached to it. It’s sent to you in a beautiful, soft velvet bag.

🌀 A Gift for all ages and occasions - The carry Calm and ebook ‘Dealing with Stress Naturally’ are great for everyone age 5 to 85. These are perfect gifts for birthdays, school gifts, or office gifts.

Breathe and be Mindful present the Ultimate Fidget Tool and ebook!

Our handheld 'Carry Calm’ is what you were looking for! 
The Carry Calm is made of high quality Sandle wood and the carry case is soft and easy to carry. 
The pick feels velvety as you rub your thumb calmly across it.
Forget about the cheap, toxic plastic fidget toys, this is quality and class. 
The Carry Calm may help increase your concentration and the ebook will give you a variety of ways to reduce your stress naturally. 
If you have ADD, ADHD, anxiety or OCD, you will find this anti-anxiety tool very soothing. 
As the Carry Calm is small and portable, you will be able to take it anywhere, to school, travelling, the office. 
The Carry Calm and eBook are great for ages from tweens, to teenagers, to adults. 
It will help relieve everyday stress and anxiety, bringing more calm and peacefulness into your day. 
🌀 Anti-Stress, Anti-Anxiety, Relieves tension, reduce anger, improve your mood, calming and relaxing.
🌀 Improve your focus and concentration
🌀 Become more peaceful and calm.
🌀 Small and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket, take it anywhere!
🌀 Designed with high quality materials. 
Don't hesitate and get one today ! 
You have nothing to lose with our 100% money back guaranty that insures your purchase. 
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Anti-anxiety tool for teenagers and adults - the 'Carry Calm'.