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Here is another tool for your stress management kit - the 'Carry Calm'.

It fits perfectly in your hand and allows you to calm your emotions by rubbing your thumb forwards and backwards over the velvety indent in the wood. 


It looks like a guitar pick, so if you are feeling conscious about using a fidget toy to calm your anxiety - this is what you need. 


There is a pressure point at the thumb that encourages the lower part of the lungs to expand, allowing more air into the lungs.

When we take deeper breaths, we instantly bring more healthy oxygen into our cells, allowing us to lower our blood pressure, calm your heart rate, clear our minds and regulate our emotions. 

The 'Carry Calm' is made from soft sandalwood - known for supporting calm and clarity of mind. 

You get to store it in a discrete leather, specially designed carry case. 
It's perfect to attach to your keyring. (Or handbag/school bag).

Open the case anytime you feel anxious and use the 'Carry Calm' to soothe yourself. 



The Carry Calm comes in a beautiful black velvet pocket, perfect for giving as a gift. 





Anti-anxiety tool for teenagers and adults - the 'Carry Calm'.