When you join our member group you get:

  1. Each month, you get a month of social media ideas set out as a calender with inspiration based on Australian holidays and sales times. If it's appropriate, you will get a Canva template for you to change to suit your brand. 

  2. Private Business coaching calls.

  3. Yearly and monthly goal outlines.

  4. A monthly App review to make your life easier.

  5. Canva tutorials.

  6. Bonus surprises.

  7. Q and A sessions.

  8. A monthly curated content, I call this 'what's hot'. This is everything that is changing and what to keep up with. I usually do the App review on this, so you can get your head around the best and easiest ways to market.

  9. A private Facebook group where get support and you can ask any questions. Members have also used this group to practise their content and get feedback.

  10. 50% OFF Canva Pro. (I really recommend this, as it makes making your social media posts very easy to do.)

This is what members are saying

If you find that you don't want to continue the membership, there are NO contracts locking you in - I know 'things' happen in life and I understand having to make financial decisions.

I would NEVER lock you into something. 

Ready to join our 1-minute membership support group?

Click here for the 'with Canva Pro' option and the 'without Canva' option.

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