When you join our member group you get:

  1. Each month, you get a month of social media ideas set out as a calender with inspiration based on Australian holidays and sales times. If it's appropriate, you will get a Canva template for you to change to suit your brand. 

  2. Private Business coaching calls.

  3. Yearly and monthly goal outlines.

  4. A monthly App review to make your life easier.

  5. Canva tutorials.

  6. Bonus surprises.

  7. Q and A sessions.

  8. A monthly curated content, I call this 'what's hot'. This is everything that is changing and what to keep up with. I usually do the App review on this, so you can get your head around the best and easiest ways to market.

  9. A private Facebook group where get support and you can ask any questions. Members have also used this group to practise their content and get feedback.

  10. 50% OFF Canva Pro. (I really recommend this, as it makes making your social media posts very easy to do.)

This is what members are saying

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Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 10.53.39 am.pn

If you find that you don't want to continue the membership, there are NO contracts locking you in - I know 'things' happen in life and I understand having to make financial decisions.

I would NEVER lock you into something. 

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