Breathe and Be Mindful

Victoria Yuen

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“Be still and know yourself as the Truth you have been searching for. Be still and let the inherent joy of that Truth capture your drama and destroy it in the bliss of consummation. Be still and let your life be lived by the purpose you were made for. Be still and receive the inherent truth of your heart.” ~Gangaji


I invite you to be still for a mindful moment.

Listen, hear and feel the life giving breath you have.

Know that you are a miracle.


Victoria x


I met Victoria Yuen many years ago when we were both at a women's well being day. She is a yoga teacher and a passionate advocate for calmness like myself. In her uniquely light hearted, sometimes cheeky way she has written a delightful book to help tame the stressed out grown ups who struggle in our chaotic world.

Her techniques have helped lots of people - and children - get more sleep and live healthier lives. 


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