Breathe and Be Mindful

Victoria Yuen

Stress Management Products| Workplace Wellness Techniques

I invite you to be still for a mindful moment.

Listen, hear and feel the life giving breath you have.

Hi, my name is Victoria

and I welcome you to manage your stress

in natural, healthy ways.

I am a solopreneur and a soloparent. 

I understand the devastating effects of stress and anxiety.

You will find tips, techniques and products here to support your growth. 

The products are mainly for workplace wellness, but can be used in any situation. 

Take care,

Victoria x

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Stress less cards

Stress Less At Your Desk Cards

I used these cards in a stress relief program that I created for teens who come to the library where I work. This resource was such a hit with the teens that many of them told me some of the stress relief techniques they learned are helping them cope with school/life in general. Andrea

Stress Less At Your Desk Cards

Bought it for my staff to use and they love it! Stephanie Pinder

Stress Less At Your Desk Cards

High quality cards and very helpful techniques!
The exercises for releasing any tension of the muscles work amazing. The exercises on these cards are also great for focus, anxiety, stress and relaxation, with its amazing bonuses. Ellie